Nerds with Mics

Ep. 29 - Holiday Buying Guide

Episode Summary

The nerds break down what you should buy that special nerd in your life.

Episode Notes

This week on Nerds with Mics, we get hyped for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, talk about the Fate and the Furious trailer and the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer. Maxwell gives us our weekly dose of Alien news and a popular show is finally getting its spinoff. Amazon makes a big breakthrough with the future of deliveries and Harley Quinn and other Gotham female baddie will get their own film.

Then the nerds talk about what to buy for that special nerd in your life. Each of us give our pick for movie, game, technology, and a free choice of what you should buy that person in your life.

Special thanks to Froggy Fresh for letting us use his song "Christmas" in this weeks episode.